When Exercises Just Aren't Enough
Marina Del Rey

Brazilian Butt Lift Los Angeles

Most of us have an overabundance of fat; unfortunately, it rarely ends up where we want it to go. A firm, perky backside is symbolic of youth, health and sensuality, especially here in Hollywood. However, age, gravity, heredity or weight fluctuation could hinder you from having that attractive, curvaceous backside you covet. These days, the fat suctioned out using the process of liposuction can be repositioned into areas of need, such as the buttocks. This trending procedure is affectionately known as the Brazilian butt lift and has the highest potential for enhancing the body’s contours.

Now that both the technology and techniques have been optimized to take full advantage of this valuable resource, millions of suffering Americans can finally choose to have their fat repositioned in all the right places.

The Different Types of Buttock Enhancements Offered

More traditional butt lifts typically focus on the lifting and tightening of excess skin around the buttocks by redistributing fat in the area to reduce sagging, flatness or surface imperfections. This option is generally intended for patients who have adequate volume in their buttocks and are not interested in suctioning fat from other areas.

Brazilian butt lifts combined with fat transfer are a specific type of buttock enhancement rapidly growing in popularity. This procedure typically includes liposuction, lipoinjection and body contouring around the waist, lower back and thigh region.

Because the process utilizes fat harvested from your own body, the Brazilian butt lift falls into the “fat transfer” category and is inherently a multiple-step procedure. The good news is patients get an added benefit from this operation. Since the first step is to remove excess fat from troubled areas of the body, it creates a tighter look around the waist, thighs and lower back, which is a key feature to maximizing the results. The entire procedure can be accomplished without leaving any noticeable scars or incision lines. Furthermore, any risks of complication are low considering there are no implants to contend with, thus leaving no chance of rejection.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Process

For patients looking to add some volume to their buttocks, your surgeon may opt to utilize fat obtained from other areas of the body using liposuction. A typical patient will require liposuction in multiple areas in order to get enough usable fat for the fat grafting. Only the living fat cells are targeted to be re-injected into the buttock. As a result, no more than 25% of the donor fat cells extracted will qualify for re-injection. The fat used for this type of buttock augmentation can be collected from a variety of traditional problem areas, such as the abdomen, flanks and thighs.

Once collected, the high-quality fat remaining after processing is then injected it into the buttocks, where it will increase volume while doing away with sagging, folds and other contour irregularities. Transferring the fat to the buttocks involves hundreds of micro-fat injections using small syringes. The purpose of using smaller injections at various depths is to keep those valuable donor cells in contact with the blood supply so the patient will get the highest permanent absorption rate. Correct injection methods are essential to achieve a uniform, smooth, natural appearance to the buttocks.

Depending on the extent of the procedure and the surgeon, a Brazilian butt lift can take anywhere from 2-4 hours to complete.

Post-Operative Recovery

Immediately following surgery, some patients elect to stay in an aftercare facility for a night but most will go home right away.
Recovery from the Brazilian butt lift is relatively fast for a surgical procedure. Patients can generally return to work within a couple of weeks. The discomfort associated with the surgery is primarily a product of the liposuction portion. The injection sites are not known to generate pain following the procedure.

It’s important that patients avoid sitting on their buttock for at least two weeks after surgery. You want to give the newly injected fat a chance to take shape without being flattened by prolonged sitting. To reduce swelling, wearing a compression garment is also required during the recovery period and may be necessary for up to a month.

Any return to physical activity such as exercise typically takes up to a month or so depending on the patient.

How Long Does It Last?

Due to variance in both patients and the procedure, there’s no definitive length for how long the results of the butt lift will last. Although the amount of fat reabsorbed into the patient’s body varies based on several factors, most doctors seem to agree that 70-80% of the fat injected into the buttock will take hold permanently. It’s safe to assume that whatever remains after 3-6 months will likely become permanent. However, the body will still age and change with time and weight fluctuation.